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Mama Mio Push Pack



Mama Mio Push Pack has all your labour room essentials to help you keep calm, stay cool and push! Every product included is pregancy safe.

Why you need it:
Mama Mio Push Pack helps you get ready to push! It’s time to enter the wonderful world of motherhood with a little help from the Mama Mio Push Pack.  You’ll find all your labour room essentials in this one kit, designed to ease both your body and mind as you welcome your little miracle to the world. Everyting is safe to be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding and bursting with amazing ingredients.

What's included:
Mama Mio Superstar In A Jar Multi-Balm (15g)
Mama Mio Way To Glow Facial Spritz (100ml)
Mama Mio Pick Mama Up Massage Oil (30ml)
Soft Cotton Organic Flannel
Cosmetic Bag