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Mio Boob Tube + Multi Action Bust Firmer



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Mio Boob Tube + is a multi action bust firmer rich in Omega oils and antioxidants, created specifically to firm and tighten your chest and bust.

Why you need it:

Defy gravity with Mio’s best selling Boob Tube +. Rich in CoQ10, Mio’s multi action bust firmer keeps your delicate skin toned, tight and radiant. Mio have specially formulated Boob Tube + with even more firming, plumping and conditioning ingrediants including:

Gotu Kola Leaf: The leaf extract found in Mio Boob Tube + will strengthen, smooth and soften your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: The vital ingredient in Mio’s Boob Tube improves skin hydration by deeply moisturising the skin while stimulating the production of collagen in the skin to give you that extra ‘bounce’ needed.

Chinese Angelica Root: The fabulous skin conditioner stimulates your skin, encouraging regeneration, to aid the reduction of congestion and to help brighten your skin.

CoQ10: The powerful antioxidant helps combat the visual effect of free radical damage, protecting collagen, the all-important protein net that supports your skin keeping your boobs, neck and décolleté free from the effects of gravity & ageing.

Treasure your chest and start using Mio Boob Tube +, after a week your skin will feel firmer, fitter and more youthful!

How to:

Massage Mio Boob Tube + into your skin from your neck to just below your boobs. Use Mio Boob Tube + on a daily basis to maintain your beautiful skin, over the years you will be delighted you took the time to befriend your bust.


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