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Mio The Mio Body Brush



Mio The Mio Body Brush is your essential tool for tackling cellulite and orange-peel skin. Using it to body brush stimulates your circulation, helps detoxify and exfoliates for smoother, fresher skin.

Why you need it:
Mio The Mio Body Brush is specially designed with both bristles and massage nodules to give you the ultimate body brush! Dry body brushing is a fast and effective way of boosting your skin's condition, helping skin shed dead cells that clog the surface and supporting its ability to detoxify. The brush is made from natural Boar bristles, with rubber massage nodules, a sustainable bamboo brush back and a cotton hand strap.

How to use:
Start dry body brushing from the soles of your feet, then moving onto your calves. Always brush in the direction of your hard, and use long, sweeping upward strokes on your legs. Pay special attention to backs of thighs or any other areas where cellulite is a concern. Brush hands and arms next, in an upward direction. Then brush your back, and finally tummy and chest using a clockwise motion on your tummy.

Adjust the pressure for different areas you are brushing, so that it's always comfortable. You'll probably find that gentle pressure is enough for the tummy and upper body, but can apply more pressure when brushing the legs. You should see a rosy flush to the area you've brushed. Ideally use your Mio Body Brush for 3 minutes, 3 times a week. 

You can also use your body brush on wet skin, which can sometimes be easier and may feel less scratchy. 

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