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Mr.Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Top Up Strips



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Mr.Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Top Up Strips are the fastest, easiest way to get visibly whiter teeth. These teeth whitening strips dissolve after 15 minutes for the ultimate in fuss-free whitening!

Why you need it:
Mr.Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Top Up Strips let you whiten your teeth anywhere, anytime. The easy to apply strips leave no mess or residue so are ideal before special events or whenever you want to 'top up' your smile! The strips are thin and comfortable to wear.

Mr.Blanc Express Top Ups are still kind to teeth, and won't damage enamel or cause sensitivity.

How to use:
Moisten teeth with your tongue and then apply the strips to upper and lower teeth. The strip dissolves on the teeth in 10-15 minutes to form a gel and then completely melts away after a further 5-10 mins.

Note: Not recommended for pregnant women.

What's included:
30 dissolving teeth whitening strips 

Kollidon 90F, HPC-LM, Eureco HC-P11, Blanose 7LF, Glycerol, Sorbitol T80, Peppermint Flavour, Sucralose, Potassium Sorbate, Phosphoic Acid, Dutylhydroxytoluene (BHT).
Mr.Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips are causing something of a revolution! The pain-free, easy to use Mr.Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips and Mr.Blanc Express Top Up Teeth Whitening Strips are the no-fuss way to brighten your smile. The strips are free from peroxide and lift stains without damaging enamel or causing sensitivity to teeth or gums. After 14 days you'll see visibly whiter teeth thanks to Mr.Blanc Teeth.