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Nip + Fab De-Stress Blend Body Wash



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Cleanse and de-stress with the Nip + Fab De-stress Blend Body.

Why you need it:

This gently and calming body wash contains coconut making it an excellent formula to soften, smooth and sooth dry and irritable skin. The stunning aromas of warming frankincense, sweet orange blossom and comforting sandalwood fill the room as well as lingering nicely on the skin. While the body wash foams into a nice lather, these beautiful aromas envelop you into a warm, calming state of relaxation. Nip + Fab De-stress Blend Body Wash is the perfect bed time body wash as the stimulating essential oils make you super relaxed.

Skin Type:

The Nip +Fab De-stress Blend Body Wash is suitable for all skin types.

How To:

Massage onto wet skin to create a light, foamy lather and enjoy