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Pearlys Professional Teeth Whitening Pen



Pearlys Professional Teeth Whitening Pen is a quick and convenient way to maintain your fresh, white smile.

Why you need it:

Obtain a whiter, brighter smile with Pearlys Professional Teeth Whitening Pen. The convenient pen has a brush on applicator and will keep your smile whiter for longer. The active whitening ingredient contained in the revolutionary pen is sodium perborate 0.16% and sodium bicarbonate. For best results, use Pearlys Professional Teeth Whitening Pen after brushing your teeth with Pearlys Whitening Powder.

How to:

Use Pearlys Teeth Whitening Pen once or twice a week, before bed after you brush your teeth.

Twist the bottom of the pen until a gel appears at the brush tip. Keeping your lips away from your teeth, smile wide and apply a thin coat of gel onto the teeth. Be very careful not to get any on your gums. Leave the gel to dry for 60 seconds and rinse off after 10 minutes.

*If you do get any on your gums, wipe away quickly.