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PIXI Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition



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PIXI Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition is an amazing eye and face makeup collection. With 40 eye and brow shades plus highlighters, bronzers, blushers and contour powder, it has everything you need! The ultimate makeup gift this Christmas.

Why you need it:
PIXI  Ultimate Beauty Kit 3rd Edition is a stunning gift for anyone who loves makeup. This marvelous makeup collection has over 40 eyeshadows (suitable shades can also be used on brows) plus 3 highlighters, 2 bronzers, 2 blushers and 1 contour powder. Create the perfect complexion, polished brows and define your stunning eye looks with this fabulous all in one palette of dreams!

What's included:
- 40 Eye and Brow Shades
- 3 Highlighters
- 2 Bronzers
- 2 Blushers
- 1 Contour Powder