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Pro Blo CurlME Kit



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Pro Blo CurlME Kit is the ultimate blow dry kit for volume, waves and curls. Create gorgeous salon-finish hair styles easily.

Why you need it: 
The Pro Blo CurlME Kit is a unique hair styling set. Detachable ceramic brush barrels allow you to blow dry and style hair for a gorgeous salon finish. Create a professional look without the hassle.

What’s included:
• 6 CurlME barrels - 2 small (34mm), 2 medium (45mm), 2 large (55mm)
• 6 hair clips
• 1 detachable handle
• 1 travel bag

How to use:
1. Blow dry hair until it's about 70% dry.
2. Divide hair into small sections and attach the barrel to the handle (ensure you push the button when attaching). Blow dry pulling the brush from root to end.
3. Wrap the dried section around the barrel, rolling it up from root to end. Hold the barrel in place with a clip and push the easy release button to detach the handle.
4. Repeat step 3 until all hair is rollered up.
5. Leave barrels to set until cool.
6. Remove barrels one by one in a upwards motion, unwinding the hair from the barrel slowly. 

Pro Blo lets you create salon perfect hair with innovative styling tools. Pro Blo Curl ME and Pro Blo Volumize ME make it easy to create fabulous waves, curls, and big, boosted hair. The cult favourite Pro Blo CurlME kit includes ceramic brush barrels with detachable handles, letting you dry and style hair at the same time. Pro Blo - #WelcomeToTheSecret