Inglot x Maura All The Drama Duraline

Inglot x Maura All The Drama Duraline

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Inglot x Maura All The Drama Duraline is a clear mixing medium that boosts the colour, intensity and staying power of your favourite makeup.

Why you need it

Inglot x Maura All The Drama Duraline has legions of fans - and Maura Higgins is no exception! She says: “This is a magical product. I literally use it every day to clean and intensify my winged liner. It has so many uses – I couldn’t have a collection without my favourite makeup tool!”.

Inglot Duraline transforms any powder to a liquid, waterproof formula. It's infused with a Polymer, which prolongs the life of your makeup. It makes your makeup easier to apply and gives you high product payoff. The non-smudge formula dries quickly to help you create fabulous makeup looks that last and last.

Use alongside your Inglot X Maura Bad Ass Brows and Inglot x Maura All the Drama Eyeliner Gel for a smooth, sharp and precise finish.

When Maura Higgins featured on the 2019 series of Love Island, a new star was born! Her hilarious banter, sassy one liners and super-glam style meant Maura rose to instant prominence. Now, Inglot have teamed up with Maura to create a stunning limited edition 34 piece makeup collection that captures and embodies her glam makeup style and sassy personality.

“I’ve handpicked some of my favourite products from Inglot for this collection – some of the classics that I’ve used over the years which I absolutely love still to this day. I’ve also created some amazing new products with Inglot – they are incredible, and I know you’re all going to love them!” - Maura

About the Brand

Inglot makeup is all about your creative freedom! The famous Inglot Freedom system lets you curate your own perfect palettes, combining eyeshadows, contour powder, blush and highlighter however you like. The brand's top quality, innovative formulas, affordable prices and amazing range of shades mean you can experiment with vibrant colour cosmetics or craft a perfectly natural look. Discover the secret to your very own magical beauty with Inglot Cosmetics! Shop Inglot’s divine selection of Skin & Eye Palettes, Foundations and Nude Glosses and checkout their iconic must have makeup essentials – their infamous Duraline, the All Covered Foundation, and award winning black Gel Liner!


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