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Sanctuary Unwind Wonders Gift Set

Sanctuary Unwind Wonders Gift Set

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Sanctuary Unwind Wonders is specifically designed to help you unwind each evening following a busy winter day. Relieve stress, relax and unwind with this 5-piece set, that incorporates smells, muscle relaxation and body kindness into one gift set. The perfect gift set for Christmas, it will look great under your tree!

Why you need it

Sanctuary Unwind Wonders contains all you need to unwind with this relaxing 5-step Sanctuary goodie.
Wellness Sleep Mist will help you fall asleep faster and for longer. This natural sleep aid contains natural botanical fragrances that help reset your healthy sleep-wake pattern so that you and your skin get the most out of your sleep.
De-Stress Bath Soak transforms your bathroom into a spa, giving you perfect moments of relaxation. Calm your mind as you soak in the fragrant clouds of bubbles and your skin soaks in all the Sanctuary Aloe Vera goodness.
De-Stress Body Lotion continues the unwinding experience, as your skin feels velvety smooth, with 24hr hydration for beautifully calm skin.
De-Stress Hand Cream is a rich cream infused with Shea Butter and almond oil to leave hands feeling soft and moisturised.
De-Stress Bath Salts with magnesium help to soothe tired & aching muscles, combined with their scientifically proven fragrance helping you to relieve stress, unwind & relax. Let the salts dissolve into your bath, then soak and relax.

What’s Included:
Sanctuary Sleep Mist 75 ml
Sanctuary De-Stress Bath Soak 75 ml
Sanctuary De-Stress Body Lotion 75 ml
Sanctuary De-Stress Hand Cream 30 ml
Sanctuary Wellness Salt Scrub 60 g

Cruelty Free

About the Brand

Sanctuary Spa products are all about indulgence. With an entire range of blissfully scented body products, Sanctuary will transform your bathroom into the ultimate pampering paradise. Exfoliate with the amazing Sanctuary Salt Scrub or Hot Sugar Scrub and feed your skin with the Sanctuary Luxury Body Butter or Body Moisture Spray. Give your skin a daily boost with the Vitamin C Shower Smoothie Body Wash, or care for dry skin with the 3 Day Long Lasting Moisture Burst. Relax and unwind with Sanctuary.


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