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Ratings & Reviews is where you can share your know-how about products and can also find out which products our customers are loving! Review your Cloud10Beauty purchases and share the tales of your likes, loves, and beauty heartbreaks. 

How do I Rate & Review a product?

When you are logged in you can Rate & Review a product by clicking on the link 'write a review' above the product image on the product page. If you do not have an account you will need to register by providing your email address and creating a password. You will be asked to create a screen name which will appear on your reviews. 

There is a 5 star rating for each product. 1 star is the lowest and 5 stars are the highest. Click on the star you wish to select your rating.

You will be able to preview your review before publishing it. Once you are happy with your review, you can then click submit review and it will then be submitted to the Cloud10Beauty team for publishing. 

How to write a great Review

1) Stick to the subject. Only tell us about the product you are reviewing. Tell us what you like and love about the product and why. If you didn't like the product please tell us that as well and why you did not like it.

2) Keep it simple and not too long, 100-200 words is just about right.

3) Keep it clean. Do not use obscenities, discriminatory language, spam content, links to other websites, or critical comments about other reviews or reviewers.

4) Be Safe: Do not include any personal identification or contact information in your review.

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