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Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set



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Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set is a complete set of 5 eye brushes so you can create any eye makeup look you want. Everything you need to apply and blend eyeshadow and eyeliner is here!

Why you need it:
Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set is the perfect eye makeup brush set for working with all kinds of product, whether cream, powder, liquid or gel. The synthetic fibres are long-lasting and easy to clean, and apply and blend product like a dream. Use the Medium Shadow Brush to apply colour all over the lid, blend colours together or soften any lines. It's wide and flat with tapered bristles for soft effects with powder or cream eyeshadows.

The Essential Crease Brush is perfect for blending darker shadows into the crease for depth and definition, while the Shading Brush has short, dense fibres so you can pick up and pack on colour for intense, dramatic looks. It's also ideal for mixing and blending. The Fine Liner Brush gives you the ultimate precision with cream, liquid and gel products - you could even dampen it to pick up powder shadows and use as eyeliner. Finally, the Lash Separator is perfect for sorting out any clumps in between coats of mascara.

As a bonus, this set also includes a Brush Cup to keep your brushes tidy and organised when you're not using them.

 What's included:
- Real Techniques Medium Shadow Brush 
- Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush
- Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush
- Real Techniques Shading Brush
- Real Techniques Lash Separator
- Real Techniques Brush Cup