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Review by Dani
Overall rating
This is my favourite set of eye brushes I own! They wash really well and don't shed any of the bristles. Also really soft and love the case. (Posted on 3/12/2014)
Review by Debs92
Overall rating
great brushes for a great price, delighted with my purchase I have been using them everyday (Posted on 2/4/2014)
Review by Mscharlotte456
Overall rating
I really like this starter set, all he brushes that i would use for my eye makeup are here and they are very nice quality! The only brush i don't really like in this set is the brow one because it is way too wide for me, as i have very narrow eyebrows. (Posted on 2/2/2014)
Review by Elza_K
Overall rating
This set is good, but I really need only two of those brushes - Base Shadow Brush and Deluxe Crease Brush, both of them are awesome! (Posted on 1/28/2014)
Review by NQ89
Overall rating
Good starter eye brush set. Contains all of the necessities. (Posted on 1/23/2014)
Review by Sharon Kelly
Overall rating
I love love love these eye brushes. I use every one of them (the deluxe crease brush is fab for concealer). Also love the carry case for them, so useful. (Posted on 1/22/2014)
Review by Dabev's Beauty
Overall rating
I love the brush set, it applies and blends eye colours really well. A must have for all makeup lovers for that perfect eye makeup application (Posted on 1/16/2014)
Review by fionamck
Overall rating
Such good quality brushes for such a reasonable price. Im so happy with this purchase, its the perfect starter kit for eyebrushes. Particularly love the eyebrow brush (Posted on 12/3/2013)
Review by emmajcs1
Overall rating
This kit is perfect for people who like me need directions on what brush to use for what effect it's perfect and all makeup lovers need one x (Posted on 12/1/2013)
Review by Julie
Overall rating
Hi All

Got these brushes and love them, it makes applying your eye shadow so easy the base brush is great for blending and the crease brush provides brilliant coverage. The small brush for adding darker shadow is also a big yes as it adds depth where needed without going OTT. Would Def. recommend to a friend nice xmas present :)
(Posted on 11/28/2013)
Review by katie doyle
Overall rating
Work so well with powder eyeshadow. Great for smoky eyes! Love these brushes, never let me down! (Posted on 11/27/2013)
Review by Martha
Overall rating
once again cloud10 are amazing with super quick delivery! these brushes are a must have! they are super soft and great to work with :) (Posted on 10/18/2013)
Review by gzmrc
Overall rating
This set is used and recommended by too many bloggers and vloggers. All of the brushes in this set should have got the ones that keen on makeup. In fact, I love the brow brush the most in this set. It makes easier to fill the brows, and the result is extremely good. (Posted on 9/22/2013)
Review by EMEL
Overall rating
All brushes in this set are wonderful. They are soft and handful. Especially deluxe brush is my favourite for concealer. MUST HAVE !!! (Posted on 9/19/2013)
Review by Viviana
Overall rating
Questo è il mio primo kit occhi, non credevo quanto fosse semplice realizzare certi make up complicati con i giusti strumenti! I pennelli sono sofficissimi, una carezza... Li consiglio! (Posted on 9/18/2013)
Review by Savvy B
Overall rating
Amazing definitely worth it! 5 Stars! (Posted on 9/12/2013)
Review by Dervie
Overall rating
These brushes have made a wonderful addition to my collection, super soft bristles, wash great and come in a super portable case. Love the real techniques brushes!! :) (Posted on 7/24/2013)
Review by deddarella
Overall rating
Molto buoni per il prezzo! Soffici e sfumano molto beneeee!! (anche se ne ho altri della Bdellium e mi sembrano migliori come setole). Uno da occhi mi è caduto e si rotto il manico di alluminio, assurdo!! (dentro il manico è vuoto: il positivo è che risultano leggeri il negativo è che se ti cadono male si piegano e quando vai per raddrizzarli si rompono...peccato!!! Nel complesso mi sono piaciuti moltissimo e li ho fatti comprare anche a una mia amica!! (Posted on 7/17/2013)
Review by SA
Overall rating
this is the last set i´ve ordered and i´m also in love with these brushes. they are so soft and easy to use. really a must have! (Posted on 6/10/2013)
Review by Drakka
Overall rating
It is a real pleasure to use these brushes. They are so soft, yet so efficient. The smaller brushes are great for pin-point concealing. All of them work equally fine with cream, loose and pressed shadows/pigments. (Posted on 6/7/2013)
Review by _ellenokeeffe
Overall rating
Dont know how I managed without them. Fantastic set! (Posted on 5/27/2013)
Review by AP
Overall rating
Love love love love love love looooooooove these brushes. I want them all now! (Posted on 5/27/2013)
Review by Lola_Corre
Overall rating
I love RT brushes. This set is perfect for cream products (concealer, cream eyeshadow)! (Posted on 5/12/2013)
Review by VallyBunny
Overall rating
I pennelli sono morbidissimi, forse quello per eyeliner non è il massimo. Ma il rapporto qualità prezzo è comunque ottimo.
Lo consiglio!!! (Posted on 5/7/2013)
Review by bee123
Overall rating
These brushes are the best I've had over the last few years. for someone who is starting off or has a keen interest in makeup like me these are the brushes for you!!! Buy Buy Buy!!! (Posted on 5/5/2013)
Review by xkerriex
Overall rating
Brilliant would recommend this to anyone (Posted on 4/9/2013)
Review by analelo
Overall rating
I´m a professional makeup artist and since purchase these brushes I'm in the clouds! They are fabulous, are excellent to work with any texture shadow. They are a great bet! These set is great value considering you get five quality brushes and the case! (Posted on 2/24/2013)
Review by fiona
Overall rating
I adore these brushes really soft a defo must have xx (Posted on 2/22/2013)
Review by IA
Overall rating
This kit is just brilliant, the brushes have high quality in my opinion and the bristles are really soft! And I'm so happy that they are cruelty free. They're great to travel due to the practical case. I definitely want to buy more kits, Thank you Samantha Chapman for these wonderful products! (Posted on 2/19/2013)
Review by Orlaith_13
Overall rating
I love these brushes! I got them as a Christmas present they allow me to create really nice looks. There really soft and easy to use even if your not great with makeup. Im really happy with these brushes and cant wait to order more real techniques brushes. The case is also really good as it doubles as a stand. It also makes it easier to follow pixiwoo tutorials (Posted on 12/29/2012)
Review by didi85
Overall rating
It's my favourite brush set so far put it is always out of stock! Please put it back in stock as soon as possible. (Posted on 10/30/2012)
Review by Varda
Overall rating
I guess this set is a bit overrated. It's a great deal for the price, but it has some faults.
PROS: synthetic bristles are a real blessing for both cream products and for powders, as they're really soft but don't get easily damaged.
Deluxe crease brush is the most versatile brush I've ever had, and the price is really good as you get a really useful case you'd pay about half the price of the set otherwise.
CONS: The liner brush doesn't allow you to get a real "line"'d better use it to smudge eyeliners along the lashline. Not all of the brushes chosen are the ones you use everyday, for a "starter" there are better selections for a more useful kit. (Posted on 10/21/2012)
Review by Balle
Overall rating
Great Brushes, easy to use and easy to clean! My fav is the "Deluxe Crease Brush". With this Brush i do my eye Makeup within seconds! The only Brush i don´t like so much is the eyeliner Brush ´cause it´s simply too thick for fine lines. But still you can do eyeliner!
PLUS: I ordered from Germany and want to give 5 stars for delivery and service! (Posted on 10/4/2012)
Review by LeanneBroderick
Overall rating
I picked these up as I've been looking for an eye brush set for ages, I heard so much about how amazing these were. I agree, they are brilliant!
They're great quality brushes and I've used them tonnes since I purchased them.
The only reason these lose one star is because one of the 5 brushes, does not live up to its name. The pixel-point brush. This brush is definitely not pixel point, it's huge and I won't risk using it because it's so big and after doing my eye shadow I don't want to ruin it with this huge-point brush!
But other than that, amazing kit! :) (Posted on 9/6/2012)
Review by anna
Overall rating
I was so happy wen I finally buy this set. and after a few months using them I can say that this set is USELESS!! the Deluxe Crease Brush lost all hair after second wash!!! so right now I use only Base Shadow Brush. this set it is not worth the money . (Posted on 8/27/2012)
Review by eli__21
Overall rating
These are my favorite brushes ever. Great price, great quality. They're soft and this particular kit is perfect to get all the basic eye and brow brushes. (Posted on 8/12/2012)
Review by smellycat
Overall rating
I got this set and its the high standard of all the real Real techniques but some of them i just don't use.The base shadow brush and deluxe crease brush are the winners of this set,great multi use brushes,the accent brush is good for smudging and defining but the brow brush is way to big for my brows and the liner brush as well is just way to big for a thin,precise line. (Posted on 7/25/2012)
Review by Anna G
Overall rating
This set of brushes is all you really need to create a great eye look, all of the brushes are wonderfully soft and apply make up really nicely. I actually love the deluxe crease brush for applying concealer, now I won't go anywhere without it! The set is great value considering you get five quality brushes and a case which comes in really handy for traveling! (Posted on 7/7/2012)
Review by NiamhL
Overall rating
These brushes are brilliant for applying lots of different eyeshadow looks. I have been using them daily. Great value for money! Love that they come with the stand-up case which is perfect for travelling. (Posted on 7/4/2012)
Review by Jenster
Overall rating
Absolutely love these brushes and plan on getting the rest. Love the way they're cruelty free, so I can feel good about myself too. They really are great multi-tasking brushes. (Posted on 6/5/2012)
Review by npark94
Overall rating
I ordered this with the core set and I cannot express how glad I am that I did it. The brushes are really soft and are great for blending. The prices are also great for the quality of the brushes. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin around the eye area and who are just getting into make up. (Posted on 5/23/2012)
Review by niks
Overall rating
really nice brushes, good quailty. the case they come in is also quite handy. love them! would definitely recommend. (Posted on 5/16/2012)
Review by pippy
Overall rating
these brushes are amazing ive been using them for a few weeks. ive tried other brushes and these are amazing for the price ive been mainly using them with the urban decay naked palette and they blend the colours so well with no fall out. ive used them with glitter eyeshadows and they are really good with them. (Posted on 5/13/2012)
Review by DeeScottie
Overall rating
The case for the brushes is light & cleverly designed to be versatile "2-in-1 case + stand" so will be great when traveling. It also allows for other brushes to be put in the case on the opposite side. However because it is just a continuous strand of elastic the brushes tend not stay positioned neatly but I am thinking up a creative way to combat this!.
The brushes are very good quality and have had no problem with the bristles falling out which has occurred with other well known brands which use real hair & are very expensive. I think the fact that all the Real Techniques brushes have their names on them is a nice touch & especially very helpful for those who aren't in the know. Unlike the Real Techniques Core Collection set which I also purchased, I pretty much use these brushes in the manner their name suggests except for the brow brush which I use for quickly & easily creating the outer eye V when contouring the crease.
Great Price. Great Product. I recommend.
(Posted on 3/28/2012)
Review by none
Overall rating
I love the Pixiwoo sisters and was desperate to try these out and I wasn't disappointed. Lovely soft brushes and very easy to use. The hair is also cruelty free which is a big plus for me and the case they come in is great for traveling. Love how the names are written on the brush, makes them so easy to identify. Really recommend Real Technique brushes! (Posted on 3/17/2012)

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Real Techniques Starter Set



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The Real Techniques Starter Set contains five full sized eye makeup brushes in a travel friendly 2 in 1 panoramic case.

Why you need it:

The Real Techniques Starter Set makeup brush collection contains every brush you need endless eye makeup looks. Designed by Pro Makeup artist and You Tube beauty guru Samantha Chapman, these brushes will help you create a look that is pixel perfect even in harsh light. The ultra plush, synthetic bristles are hand cut and 100% cruelty free. The extended aluminium handles are light and easy to use. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, start building the makeup brush collection of your dreams with the Real Techniques Starter Set & the Real Techniques Core Collection

This set contains:

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush: Apply colour all over your lid using the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. The soft bristles on the synthetic brush allow for a smooth and flawless application. You can also use the Base Shadow Makeup Brush to blend your powder or cream eye shadows.  

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush : Ideal for effortless contouring of the eye, the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush is the perfect addition to your makeup brush Collection. The oversized brush will help you to create a natural, or a dramatic look on your eyes. Make sure you blend your products nicely with the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush to get rid of any harsh lines.

Real Techniques Accent Brush:  The soft, round top accent brush was hand cut to perfection for precision results. Designed for detailing, highlighting, spotlighting and smudging shadow onto the eye, this brush is perfect for almost anything.  

Real Techniques Pixel Point Brush : The hand cut, thin bristles on the Real Techniques Pixel Point eyeliner brush allows you to create a perfect thin line either above or below the lash line. Applying your gel or liquid eyeliner has never been easier with the Real Techniques Eyeliner brush. With this makeup brush you can apply your liner as finely or as thick as you wish.

Real Techniques Brow Brush : The Real Techniques Brow brush is an essential for your makeup brush collection as it is the ideal brush for creating the perfect brows. The distinctive shape of the brow brush will glide effortlessly through your eyebrows, giving you a perfectly shaped brow

Real Techniques Signature Panoramic Makeup Brush Case : This handy 2 in 1 brush case keeps all your brushes organised and it can be folded to keep your brushes protected as well as being used as a stand to neatly display your makeup brushes.

All Real Techniques brushes are 100% cruelty free

Real Techniques offer you high quality makeup brushes and tools at affordable prices. Designed by pro makeup artists and YouTube beauty gurus Sam and Nic Chapman, Real Techniques brushes combine high-tech materials with innovative design to help you create a pixel perfect look. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponges are cult must-haves and come in a range options to cover your every beauty need, while the striking Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes will update your makeup kit with an instant hit of glamorous luxury.