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REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil Mini



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REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil Mini is the perfect little treat - a sumptuous luxury bath oil in travel-sized edition.

Why you need it:
REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil Mini lets you de-stress and relax your body and your mind. After use, your skin will feel smooth, more supple and truly moisturised. Treat yourself and your body to an indulging, peaceful & relaxing evening with REN Moroccan Rose Bath Oil.

Presented in special gift packaging. 

What's included:
REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil (50ml)

REN Skincare has become a cult favourite in over 50 countries around the world. REN Clean Bio Active Skincare uses only 100% Plant and mineral derived activities to give you the most naturally amazing products. With REN’s ground breaking formulas, you are guaranteed beautifully healthy and radiant skin.