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Sigma Beauty Advanced Artistry Set



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Sigma Beauty’s Advanced Artistry Set is a professional makeup brush collection combining three of Sigma’s most advanced makeup brush sets: The Perfect Blend Kit, Spot-On Concealer Kit and Extreme Colour Payoff Kit.

Why you need it:

Take your makeup one step further with Sigma Beauty’s Advanced Artistry Set. The set is comprised of 18 unique brushes, designed to master specific functions in makeup artistry. Sigma cleverly custom designed each brush for detailed purposes so that each brush will go beyond the basic use! The three kits, Extreme Color Payoff, Spot-On Concealer and The Perfect Blend, are a must have in any makeup enthusiasts makeup brush collection.

Extreme Color Payoff Makeup Brush Set : Let your creative makeup artistry imagination run wild with Sigma Beauty Extreme Color Payoff. Achieve a strong, pigmented application of shadows & creams with the unique six brushes.

Spot On Concealer Makeup Brush Set : Sigma's Spot-on Concealer Kit is the ultimate makeup brush kit for achieving an easy flawless concealer application anywhere on your face.

The Perfect Blend Makeup Brush Set : The Perfect Blend Kit by Sigma Beauty is a professional makeup brush kit with a variety of six brushes designed to blend your eye makeup to perfection.

Included in the set:

E20 – Short Shader

E30 – Pencil

E44 – Firm Blender

E57 – Firm Shader

E58 – Cream Color

E59 – Wide Shader

F63 – Airbrush Blender

F64 – Soft Blend Concealer

F66 – Angled Buff Concealer

F68 – Pin-Point Concealer

F69 – Angled Pixel Concealer

F71 – Detail Concealer

E32 – Exact Blend

E37 – All Over Blend

E38 – Diffused Crease

E39 – Buff and Blend

E48 – Pointed Crease

E71 – Highlight Diffuser

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