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Sigma Beauty Angled Cream Contour Brush F61



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Sigma Beauty Angled Cream Contour Brush F61 is the perfect tool for creating sharply defined makeup looks. Perfect for cream contour, concealer and highlight products.

Why you need it:
Sigma Beauty Angled Cream Contour Brush F61 is specially designed to let you create a strong, defined contour using cream products. Use it to apply and blend cream products with ease when you're created sculpted makeup looks. Ideal for using around the nose to shape it, or for use with concealer for precision highlighting. Also perfect for contouring or highlighting cheekbones and jawline.The pointed tip to this brush makes it incredibly versatile. 

This brush is cruelty-free, made from SigmaTech synthetic fibres, and comes with the Sigma Beauty two year warranty.

Part of the Sigma Beauty On Point collection. 

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