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Sigma Beauty Contour Expert Brush Set



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Sigma Beauty Contour Expert Brush Set contains 3 professional brushes specially designed to give you the perfect contour every single time.

Why you need it:
Sigma Beauty Contour Expert Brush Set has been designed to make the daunting task of contouring easier than ever! The synthetic fibres mean that you can apply both cream and powder products to the face and achieve a sculpted, flawless look. For a sharp contour, apply product under the cheekbones with the F77 Chisel and Trim contour brush. Soften the look with the F23 Soft Angled Contour to give a more diffused finish to the skin. Finish off with the F04 Extreme Structure Contour to define more specific areas of the face such as down the sides of the nose.

What's included:
- Sigma Beauty F04 Extreme Structure Contour
- Sigma Beauty F23 Soft Angled Contour
- Sigma Beauty F77 Chisel and Trim Contour

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