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Sigma Beauty Detail Brush Set



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Sigma Beauty Detail Brush Set is an 8 piece makeup brush set specially designed so you can create precise details, whether for eyes, lips, or when contouring.

Why you need it:
Sigma Beauty Detail Brush Set is a set of 8 makeup brushes for true makeup and beauty addicts. The brushes are specially designed to let you create precise, highly detailed looks. The set includes a bent eyeliner brush and cut crease brush to help you perfect your eye looks, plus two lip brushes so you can create impactful lip looks. 

These brushes are cruelty-free, made from SigmaTech® synthetic fibres, and comes with the Sigma Beauty two year warranty.

Part of the Sigma Beauty On Point collection.  

What's included:
- Sigma Beauty Bent Liner Brush B12™
Sigma Beauty Lash Fan Brush E04™
Sigma Beauty Duo Fibre Blend Brush E41™
Sigma Beauty Domed Blend Brush E43™
Sigma Beauty Cut Crease Brush E62™
Sigma Beauty Detailed Lip Brush L04™
Sigma Beauty Precise Lip Line Brush L06™
Sigma Beauty Angled Cream Contour Brush F61™

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