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Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Tower Full Set



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The Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Tower® Full Set neatly reshapes and speeds up brush drying time of just-washed brushes. Holds up to 92 brushes eye and face brushes.

Why you need it:
You've invested in your brushes so take good care of them to prolong their life. The Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Tower® Full Set is an innovative new system that safely holds your freshly washed brushes, reshapes them, and dries them faster than ever. It's been designed for your most dense face and eye brushes and holds up to 92 brushes at once.

  • Two towers hold up to 92 brushes when side-by-side
  • Two towers hold up to 68 brushes when combined
  • Includes 6 bases and 4 connectors
  • Disassembles easily for compact storage

Note: Brushes shown are for illustrative purposes only. No brushes are included with the Dry'n Shape Tower®.

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