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Review by MATINA
Overall rating
It is really an ideal kit for the eyes! you can use for eyelid and crease also thus you really do not need to have more brushes around! (Posted on 2/25/2014)
Review by Andreia
Overall rating
This are my first Sigma brushes and as soon as I opened the pack I was blown away!
They are extremely soft and yet very firm. You really feel like it's not going to send shadow dust all over the place.
Really recommend this as a startup kit.

Plus Cloud10 customer service and shipping service were 5*! (Posted on 2/6/2014)
Review by spaceysno1girl
Overall rating
These brushes are fantastic, i love a lot of dark and a lot of very bright colours and these are nice and dense and apply colour so well.

BEWARE if you have a few Sigma brushes already there are 2 repeats in here, but the pencil brush in this set has dark bristles rather than white, which is preferable as it doesnt look so grubby so quick. That said, because the new brushes are so good, you shouldnt mind that, and i like having the spare pencil brush, i tend to use that a lot anyway.

The cream colour brush is amazing, and theres a perfect mix of application and blending brushes, with nice soft bristles but firm enough to do the job.

Great kit, would highly recommend as part of anyones kit or collection.

Fast, well packed items from Cloud10 as always. (Posted on 12/1/2013)

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Sigma Beauty Extreme Color Payoff Kit



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Sigma Beauty Extreme Color Payoff Kit contains six brushes created as part of Sigma Beauty’s Advanced Artistry Collection, allowing you to achieve a strong, pigmented application of shadows & creams.

Why you need it:

Let your beauty imagination run wild with Sigma Beauty’s Extreme Color Payoff Kit. The six brushes included in this set were designed to complement one other with their different shapes & sizes allowing you to create a variety of strong, pigmented looks. This set is a must have for all makeup artists. The Sigma Beauty Extreme Color Payoff Kit includes the Sigma Beauty E20, Sigma Beauty E30, Sigma Beauty E44, Sigma Beauty E57, Sigma Beauty E58 and Sigma Beauty E59.

This makeup brush set was designed with makeup enthusiasts in mind as it is the perfect set for budding makeup artists & makeup lovers. Complete your Sigma Beauty Advanced Artistry Set with Sigma Beauty ‘The Perfect Blend Kit’ and Sigma Beauty ‘Spot-on Concealer Kit’.

Brushes Included: 

Sigma Beauty Short Shader Brush – E20 – The sigma beauty E20 is a flat, dense brush which was designed to precisely apply colour onto the lid. The brush is short making it perfect for smudging colour along the upper and lower lash line, creating a smokey effect.

Sigma Beauty Pencil Brush – E30 - Designed with natural bristles, this pencil brush is ideal for the precise application of colour onto the crease, to highlight the inner corner of your eyes & to line the upper and lower lash line with eye shadow. The soft and tapered pencil can also be used to soften your liner.

Sigma Beauty Firm Blender Brush – E44 – The oval shape of the Sigma Beauty’s E44 makes this blending brush perfect for blending intense powder or cream products to create a strong colour application.

Sigma Beauty Firm Shading Brush – E57 – The shading brush was carefully designed with rounded bristles for a smooth, even finish. It has a firm edge for the precise application of intense colours all over the eye lid.

Sigma Beauty Cream Colour Brush – E58 – The long bristles on the Sigma Beauty E58 makes the application of cream products onto the eyes simpler than ever. Create a diffused finish with this exclusive Sigma Beauty Brush.

Sigma Beauty Wide Shader Brush – E59 – The professional shading brush is ideal for the strong application of colour onto the eyelid.


E20 - 6 ½ in. (16.51cm)

E30 - 6 11/16 in. (17cm)

E44 - 6 7/8 in. (17.46cm)

E57 - 6 5/8 in. (16.83cm)

E58 - 6 5/8 in. (16.83cm)

E59 - 6 11/16 in. (16.97cm)

The Sigma Beauty brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. All products are handmade and developed to satisfy the highest quality standards. Sigma offers a complete line of professional brushes which have been individually tested for performance, resistance, and durability. A favourite of makeup artists everywhere, Sigma Beauty brushes come in a variety of different kits to meet your specific needs. The recently launched Sigma Beauty Pink Collection offers bold, unique makeup shades as well as the perfect beauty basics, putting highly pigmented Sigma makeup on the map. Sigma Beauty - Keeping the world beautiful.