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Sigma Beauty Standout Eyes Gel Liner Collection



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The Sigma Beauty Standout Eyes Gel Liner Collection features an array of long-wearing, opaque and saturated colours. The collection contains six beautiful gels which are unique, yet versatile. The liners contain intense pigmentation and deliver a smooth, fluid-like finish. 

The collection includes:

Liberally Toasted: A toasty warm brown shade with an opaque finish.

Royally Striking: A strong true purple shade with a stunning opaque finish.

Standout Peacock: A deep indigo blue shade with a beautiful opaque finish.

Stunningly Ladylike: A dark brown/black shade with an opaque finish. 

Unexpected: A neutral stony grey shade with an opaque finish.

Wicked: The blackest black shade with a striking opaque finish.

All liners in the Sigma Beauty Standout Gel Liner Collection are paraben-free. 



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