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Sigma Beauty Precise Lip Line™ Brush L06



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Sigma Beauty Precise Lip Line™ Brush L06 is designed to let you expertly line and edge any lip product application, with control and precision like never before! 

Why you need it:
Sigma Beauty Precise Lip Line™ Brush L06 is an expert lip liner brush. It features a sharp, flat top so you can easily apply lip products and achieve a sharp, defined lip line. Even though this brush is called a lip line brush, it's a genuine multi-tasker. It's also ideal for filling in brows, as you can create light strokes to mimic natural eyebrow hair and perfect for applying precise eye lines around the waterline. 

This brush is cruelty-free, made from SigmaTech® synthetic fibres, and comes with the Sigma Beauty two year warranty.

Part of the Sigma Beauty On Point collection.


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