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Sigma Beauty Premium Professional Kit with Brush Case



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The SIgma Premium Professional Kit is Sigma's most luxurious brush kit. It includes 15 of Sigma’s most lusted after makeup brushes for an all over makeup application.

Why you need it:

The Sigma Beauty Premium professional Kit includes every makeup brush you need for a flawless makeup application. The carefully edited collection includes 7 face brushes, 7 eye brushes and a lip brush. The brush set is stored in a luxurious, classy black brush case. The brush case separates each of your brushes, ensuring that your brush collection is kept clean and protected. Each brush included in this kit were designed to Sigma Beauty’s highest quality standards and were individually tested for performance, resitance and durability.

Included in this kit:

Sigma Beauty Lip Brush – L05 – The Sigma Beauty synthetic lip brush is ideal for the application of any lip product including lipstick, lip gloss & lip balm. The compact lip brush is the perfect size for your handbag or makeup bag, and it has a metal cap to protect the brush and the inside of your bag. 

Sigma Beauty Small Eye Liner Brush – E10 – The length and density of the Sigma Beauty E10, along with the fine tip makes this eyeliner brush ideal for creating artistic designs with gel or liquid eyeliner.

Sigma Beauty Flat Definer Brush – E15 – The sharp, flat thin edge of the Sigma Beauty E15 makeup brush allows for the precise application of liquid, gel or powder products along the lower and upper lash line. Ideal for lining the eyes to create instant definition.

Sigma Beauty Short Shader Brush – E20 – The sigma beauty E20 is a flat, dense brush which was designed to precisely apply colour onto the lid. The brush is short making it perfect for smudging colour along the upper and lower lash line, creating a smokey effect.

Sigma Beauty Blending Brush E25 – The main function of the E25 is to blend & soften powder & cream eye shadows on the eye. The chiselled sides of the brush make it ideal for the application of primer, base colours & for blending harsh lines.

Sigma Beauty Tapered Blending Brush – E35 - The Sigma Beauty E35 is the perfect eye brush for the application and blending of colour into the crease area & is ideal for softening & blending harsh edges.

Sigma Beauty Tapered Blending Brush – E45 – Designed for the precise application of colour on to the crease of the eye, the Sigma Beauty E45 can also be used to apply intense colours and to add depth & dimension to the eye.

Sigma Beauty Large Fluff Brush – E50 -The Sigma Beauty E50 is a versatile, large fluff makeup brush which is ideal for the application & blending of powder products onto the face and eyes. The wide, flat brush was primarily designed for controlled highlighting on the cheek bones & for applying a base all over the eye lid. 

Sigma Beauty Powder/Blush Brush – F10 –The medium, multi tasking brush can be used for both the application of powder and blush. The soft natural bristles allow for the precise blush application and a perfect, even powder application. 

Sigma Beauty Duo Fibre Powder/Blush Brush – F15 – Ideal for creating an airbrush, flawless finish using powder & mineral products, the Sigma Beauty Duo Fibre brush can be used for both powder & blush application. The fiber blends along with the deep beveled edges generates a subtle blush and highlighter application. 

Sigma Beauty Large Powder Brush – F20 – The natural bristles in the large, paddle shaped brush is ideal for the application of powder products as the fluffy tip gives an even, flawless look. The large powder brush can be used on both the face and body.

Sigma Beauty Tapered Face Brush – F25 – Specifically designed for powder products, the large tapered face brush is ideal for applying highlighter and blush onto your cheeks and temples. The natural bristles have a precise tip which allows for the exact placement of product.

Sigma Beauty Tapered Highlighter Brush – F35 – The small tapered brush delicately rolls powder onto your face. The precise tip on the brush gives your skin a natural glow but subtle highlighting the cheeks & is also ideal for the application of contour powder under the cheeks and on the temples.

Sigma Beauty Large Concealer Brush – F65 – Specifically designed to target large areas of the face, the synthetic concealer brush, is perfect for the application of cream concealers. The multi tasking, large brush can also be used to apply liquid or cream blush to the face.

Sigma Beauty Concealer Brush – F75 – Conceal hard to reach defined areas of the face, including, around the nose & eyes with the pointed tip on the Sigma Beauty F75. The synthetic bristles of the slightly tapered, flat brush allows for a flawless & precise application. 

Sigma Beauty Brush Case – The hard cover case includes a wide variety of brush pocket sizes for both face and eye brushes and a protective flap to protect the brush bristles and keep your brushes in perfect shape. A handy zip lock ensures your brushes are locked safely insinde. 

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