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Sigma Beauty Spot-On Concealer Kit



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Sigma Beauty Spot-on Concealer Kit is the ultimate makeup brush kit, designed to achieve flawless concealer application anywhere on your face.

Why you need it:

Sigma’s luxurious makeup brush kit contains everything you need to hide any imperfections to create flawless looking skin. The advanced artistry set set contains 6 concealer brushes including Sigma Beauty Airbrush Blending Brush, Sigma Beauty Soft Blend Concealer brush, Sigma Beauty Angled Buff Concealer brush, Sigma Beauty Pin-Point Concealer brush, Sigma Beauty Angled Pixel Conealer brush and Sigma Beauty Detail Concealer brush.

Sigma Beauty Spot-on Concealer Kit conceals blemishes, dark spots and any other imperfections in an instant. The six makeup brushes were designed with a variety of different textures, sixes and angles, allowing you to achieve maximum coverage and a flawless finish. You can cover everything from the tiniest imperfection to the most stubborn of blemishes.

Blend your way to flawless skin.”

Brushes Included:

Sigma Beauty Airbrush Blender Brush – F63 : The long, soft bristles on the F63 creates a perfectly blended, airbrush finish.   

Sigma Beauty Soft Blend Concealer Brush – F64 – The large concealer brush is ideal for buffing your concealer on large areas of the face for a flawless all over finish.

Sigma Beauty Angled Buff Concealer Brush – F66 – The angled brush, soft brush gives a light coverage and is ideal for the application of concealer under eyes and around the nose.

Sigma Beauty Pin-Point Concealer Brush – F68 – Sigma’s Pin Point Concealer Brush is a must have brush for the precise application of concealer onto smaller areas of the face including small spots and blemishes. The tiny point allows you apply the precise amount of product onto the exact area of the face. Use the Sigma Beauty Airbrush Blender Brush after using Sigma’s F68 for a blended flawless result.

Sigma Beauty Angled Pixel Concealer  - F69 – The angled brush was designed for hard to rech areas of the face including the sides of the nose. Use the soft concealer brush in a patting motion to achieve pixel perfect results.

Sigma Beauty Detail Concealer Brush – F71 – The Detailer Concealer brush can be used with both powder or cream formulas to give a light, subtle touch of concealer.


F63 - 7 in. (17.78cm)

F64 - 7 7/16 in. (18.89cm)

F66 - 7 in. (17.78cm)

F68 - 6 1/8 in. (15.56cm)

F69 - 6 ¾ in. (17.15cm)

F71 - 6 13/16 in. (17.30cm)

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