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Sigma Beauty Steady Glow Collection Lip Vex



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The Sigma Beauty Steady Glow Lip Vex Collection was created to compliment any look. The 5 glosses; Chill Out, Dazzling, Skinny Dip, Steady Glow & Vivid are beautiful shades, perfect for achieving that sun kissed glow.

Why you need it:

Add a glow to your look with the Sigma Beauty Individual Lip Vex Collection. The five vivid shades offer opaque colour with a smooth and creamy finish.

Chill Out: A cool bubblegum pink shade with a beautiful opaque finish

Dazzling: An ultra-shimmer light bronze shade with a stunning glitter finish. 

Skinny Dip: A papaya smoothie shade with an opaque finish.

Steady Glow: A soft tangerine shade with a luminous shimmer finish.

Vivid: A watermelon shade with a silky satin finish.

Each Sigma Beauty Lip Vex is Paraben Free

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