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Sigma Beauty Synthetic Precision Kit - 5 Brush Kit



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The Sigma Beauty Synthetic Precision Kit includes 5 face brushes, including the P80, P82, P84, P86 and P88 which were developed to specifically target the most precise & sensitive areas of your face when applying makeup. Each of the individual brushes have different uses and when used together they provide a perfect, flawless application. Designed with Sigma’s exclusive Sigma Synthetic, the precision kit was designed to Sigma Beauty’s highest quality standards and was each brush was individually tested for performance, resistance and durability.

Why you need it:

The four brushes included in the Sigma Beauty Synthetic Precision Kit were designed with different purposes which, when used together, can deliver a high definition, flawless makeup application. Without absorbing any product into the bristles, the P80, P82, P84, P86 and P88 were uniquely designed to apply of powder, cream & liquid products effortlessly.

Included in this Kit:

Sigma Beauty Precision Flat Makeup Brush  P80 – The flat top brush is the ideal brush for the application of concealer onto the skin. With the synthetic Sigmax brush you can conceal blemishes, sun spots and all small imperfections on your skin. The versatile P80 makeup brush can also be used for buffing small areas of the skin and for the application of setting powder onto the concealed areas.

Sigma Beauty Precision Round Makeup Brush P82 - The Synthetic Sigmax brush, P82, mimics your fingertips to give you a more flawless, even coverage when applying primer or eye shadow base onto the lid. When using your fingertips you are restricted when applying your base, so the handle and the small, dense, round head of the P82 make the application a much simpler job.

Sigma Beauty Precision Angled Makeup Brush P84 - The Sigma Beauty P84 gives you control when contouring with the small, dense, flat angled head to create a seamless contouring application. Contour the sides of your nose and the hollows of your cheeks using both cream and powder products with ease with the Synthetic brush.

Sigma Beauty Precision Tapered Makeup Brush P86 - The P86 can be used with the Sigma Beauty P80 to apply your concealer to perfection. The P86 is the ideal brush with its tapered head for the application of concealer under your eyes and around the sides of the nose & mouth. The synthetic brush is also perfect for preventing your lip colour from bleeding when applied around the lips.  

 Sigma Beauty Precision Flat Angled Brush P88 - Ideal for applying concealer anywhere on the face, the Sigma Beauty Precision Flat Angled Brush is made with Sigma Beauty’s exclusive Synthetic Sigmax bristles. The P88  was designed to Sigma Beauty’s highest quality standards and was individually tested for performance. resistance and durability. 



The Sigma Beauty brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. All products are handmade and developed to satisfy the highest quality standards. Sigma offers a complete line of professional brushes which have been individually tested for performance, resistance, and durability. A favourite of makeup artists everywhere, Sigma Beauty brushes come in a variety of different kits to meet your specific needs. The recently launched Sigma Beauty Pink Collection offers bold, unique makeup shades as well as the perfect beauty basics, putting highly pigmented Sigma makeup on the map. Sigma Beauty - Keeping the world beautiful.