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Review by JennyB
Overall rating
this is a great brush, i mainly use it for setting under eye powder or applying highlighter and it works a treat :) (Posted on 1/29/2014)
Review by spaceysno1girl
Overall rating
This brush is amazing, its quite a hefty size but is so amazing for brow highlighting, just blends and diffuses the colour perfectly and doesnt leave that white tell tale think line along the brow. Its super soft and ive heard its great for the lid to, so will definitely be giving that a go for my base shadow. (Posted on 12/1/2013)
Review by matina
Overall rating
Very easy to use brush for contouring and highlighting on the cheekbones. (Posted on 9/2/2013)
Review by Siobhan
Overall rating
This brush is beautiful. It's perfect for applying a wash of colour on the eyelid in one sweep. I use it to put my base shadow down and it's foolproof. It's not like any other eyeshadow brush I've ever used or seen. (Posted on 4/27/2013)
Review by misula
Overall rating
This brush is amazing for highlighting and also for applying eyeshadow all over the eyelid. Love it! (Posted on 10/15/2012)
Review by michellekirby
Overall rating
so soft, lovely brush.
perfect for all over base, and surprisingly perfect for blending! love this big fella! (Posted on 9/15/2012)
Review by chocoloveLDN
Overall rating
I've mainly use it to highlight my cheekbone and browbone. It's really soft and get intense colour from highlighter. Also, I sometimes use it for my eyeshadow which works really well, esp. when you are in a hurry and need to blend only one colour on your eyelid. (Posted on 5/28/2012)
Review by EmmaB93
Overall rating
I really like this brush. Its so dense and i find it great for highlighting my cheekbones as it allows for precise application. Also its a great brush to use on eyes too. (Posted on 4/1/2012)
Review by serenaelliott
Overall rating
I love this brush, so soft and fluffy, great for blending if you are just using one or two colours (eg a slightly defined crease) and also for highlighting. my favourite way to use this is just for a wash of colour, pref. a creamy ivory colour. really beautiful brush, very inexpensive also (Posted on 2/1/2012)
Review by aprettyobsession
Overall rating
This is a nice brush to have I use it mostly for my highlight and for a quick look if I am just popping on one colour all over the eye. The only downside is it's not quite as versatile as other brushes but it is still lovely (Posted on 12/21/2011)
Review by JuicyFruitMe
Overall rating
This brush is so so soft. Nice and dense and picks up a load of product, applying it evenly across the lid! I use it for laying down a base colour, highlighting my brow bones and even my cheekbones! (Posted on 11/25/2011)

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Sigma Beauty Large Fluff Makeup Brush E50



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The versatile Sigma Beauty Large Fluff E50 Makeup Brush can be used to add a base eye shadow colour & for the application of your highlighter and contour powder.

Why you need it:

The Sigma Beauty E50 is a versatile large fluff makeup brush which is ideal for the application & blending of powder products onto the face and eyes. The wide, flat brush was primarily designed for controlled highlighting on the cheek bones & for applying a base all over the eye lid. The Sigma E50 has a very soft head & is perfect for applying contour powder as the brush leaves you with a soft & blended finish, making you look gorgeous & contoured without visible lines. The E50 was designed to Sigma Beauty’s highest quality standards and was individually tested for performance, resistance and durability. Sigma Beauty's exclusive selection of high performance synthetic fibers are engineered to outperform traditional animal hair.

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