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I can safely say sigma are my new favorite when it comes to brushes,, flawless foundation application (Posted on 1/25/2014)

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Sigma Beauty Sigmax Kabuki Kit - 5 Brush Kit



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The Sigma Beauty Sigmax® Kabuki Kit includes five kabuki brushes - Sigma Beauty's hugely popular F80, F82, F84, F86 and F88. Each of the individual brushes in the kit have different uses and when used together they provide a perfect, flawless application. Designed with Sigma’s exclusive synthetic Sigmax® fibres, the kabuki kit has been designed to Sigma Beauty’s highest quality standards and was each brush was individually tested for performance, resistance and durability.

Why you need it:

The Sigma Beauty Synthetic Kabuki Kit contains all the synthetic brushes you need to create a high definition, flawless makeup application. The unique properties of the deluxe brushes allow for the application of powder & liquid foundations onto the skin without absorbing into the fibers. The kabuki brushes were engineered to the perfect shape, density & height to carefully buff products onto the skin, giving you a gorgeous HD effect.

Included in the kit:

Sigma Beauty Flat Kabuki™ Brush – F80 -  The flat topped makeup brush is the ultimate foundation brush. As one of Sigma Beauty’s best selling brushes, the kabuki brush seamlessly buffs foundation onto the skin, giving you a flawless makeup application. The synthetic brush is the ideal tool for all over application fo liquid & cream products onto the large & flat areas of the face.

Sigma Beauty Round Top Kabuki™ Brush F82 - Applying powder foundation has never been easier with the Sigma Beauty F82. The synthetic Sigmax® brush effortlessly blends mineral products into the skin, giving you a flawless powder base. The versatile brush can also be used for applying liquid & cream foundations onto the curved areas of the face, including the eyes & nose.

Sigma Beauty Angled Top Kabuki™ Brush F84 – The angled brush is the perfect brush for the application of cream blushes onto the cheeks.  The versatile kabuki brush can also be used to apply & blend contour shades onto the skin as the angled shape of the brush allows the easy application of product into the hollows of your cheek bones and around the jaw line.

Sigma Beauty Tapered Kabuki™ Brush F86 - The F86 is the ideal synthetic brush for the precise blending of powder, cream and liquid products onto the skin. The dense and tapered head of the F86 effortlessly applies the product onto the more defined and hard to reach areas on your face. The versatile brush can also be used for a flawless application of highlighter & contour powder or cream to the cheeks and for the application of primer all over the face.

Sigma Beauty Angled Kabuki™ Brush F88 - While your foundation brush, F80, may blend you foundation or cream products all over your face, the Sigma Beauty F88 was designed to target all of the hard to reach areas that your foundation brush may not be able to reach. The soft, angled brush fits effortlessly around each part of the face, and in particular around the contours of the nose and cheekbones.



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