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Skin79 10 Fast Lip & Eye Remover Tissue



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Skin79 10 Fast Lip & Eye Remover Tissue gently melt away all kinds of makeup, even stubborn waterproof and long-wearing formulations. Kind to skin.

Why you need it:
Skin79 10 Fast Lip & Eye Remover Tissue are travel-friendly makeup removing tissues ideally sized for your handbag or makeup bag. They gently cleanse all kinds of lip and eye makeup, even waterproof. Enriched with moisturising Evening Primrose Oil, brightening Licorice Root Extract and soothing Aloe Vera Extract, these mini-marvels care for your delicate skin as they cleanse.

How to use:
Take a sheet and lightly press over eye and lip areas then gently and carefully wipe to remove makeup. Repeat as needed. After use, replace the sticker tightly to seal the package and prevent the contents from drying out.

30 wipes

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