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I have a wide collection of rounded blow drying brushes and I was instantly drawn to this set by the massive brush I love them all. perfect for giving volume (Posted on 11/18/2013)

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Sleep In Rollers Big Hair Tool Kit



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Sleep In Rollers Big Hair Tool Kit has every brush you would need to create the perfect volumised style when blow drying your hair. 

Why You Need It:

The Sleep In Rollers Big Hair Tool Kit contains 3 round barrel blow dry brushes in a variety of sizes to help you create the perfect bouncy blow dry. The Express blow dry brush is a super size brush that will alllow you to achieve amazing volume. The large barrel makes blow drying simple and quick. It is also a great brush for blow drying your fringe. The Bouncy Brush and Curly Brush are large and medium sized round barrel brushes for creating the perfect big bouncy and curly blow dry. The set also contains a backcombing brush so you can easily add extra volume where needed.

These salon quality brushes will allow you to achieve the perfect salon style at home. 

Kit Contains:

Express Blow Dry Brush

Bouncy Brush

Curly Brush

Backcombing Brush

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