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Sleep In Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set



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Goodbye Sleepless Nights with The Sleep in Rollers Mega Bounce Gift Set, the ultimate gift set for every roller queen. Lifeless hair will soon become a thing of the past.

Why you need it:
The Sleep in Rollers Mega Bounce set boosts 10 Mega Bounce Sleep In Rollers and 10 Standard Sleep in Rollers to ensure that you get the best bounce from your hair!
The 10 Mega Bounce Rollers give a great root lift, while the 10 Standard Rollers help to give a lushes wave to the rest of your hair.
Working to set your hair whilst you sleep, this set also comes with a Hairdryer Hood so you can give hair a blast of heat to ensure your locks stay looking gorgeous all day.
Easy to use and comfortable to sleep in, they also come with a drawstring bag so you can get big, beautiful hair on the go.

What is Included:
Sleep-In Rollers Mega Bounce Rollers x10
Sleep-In Rollers Original Rollers x10
Sleep-In Rollers Pink Drawstring Bag
Sleep-In Rollers Hairdryer Hood
Sleep-In Rollers Velour pouch with clips