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Sleep In Rollers Paddle Brush



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Sleep in Rollers Paddle Brush is a professional styling hair brush which will reveal smooth, straight locks. 

Why you need it:

Teasing out your tangles has never been easier with the Sleep in Rollers Paddle Brush. Designed for mid length to long hair, the professional paddle brush stimulates your scalp while creating salon perfect hair. Say HELLO to silky smooth hair with the hot pink and black paddle brush.

Say hello to Sleep In Rollers, the new and revolutionary velcro rollers that you can actually sleep in. No longer do you need sleepless nights or a professional hairdresser to get the big beautiful hair of Cheryl Cole or Holly Willoughby. Designed to flatten like a sponge when you lie down, you can guarantee to sleep like a princess and wake up looking like one with perfect volumized hair! No wonder everyone is going crazy for Sleep In Rollers.