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Spectrum 12 Piece Siren Brush Set and Roll



This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

Spectrum 12 Piece Siren Brush Set and Roll is the most luxurious makeup brush set in the Spectrum collection. 12 essential brushes for face, eyes and lips, wrapped up in the glam Siren Brush Roll. 

Why you need it:
The Spectrum Brushes 12 Piece Siren Brush Set and Roll is packed with 12 beautiful and essential makeup brushes, each with a stunning holographic effect on the metal ferrules which varies from brush to brush. This makeup brush set has everything you need to create stunning makeup looks, and the brushes are enclosed in their very own brush roll for storage or travel. This set includes 12 of the most popular brushes in the Spectrum collection.

All Spectrum brushes are vegan registered and cruelty free.

What's included:
A01 – Large Powder Brush
B01 – Buffing Foundation Brush
C02 – Flat Contour Brush
C04 – Angled Powder Brush
A05 – Precision Blush Brush
B03 – Precision Buffer Brush
A06 – Large fluffy Shader Brush
B04 – Angled Blender Brush
B06 – Tall Tapered Blender Brush
A14 – Angled Brow Brush
A15 – Lip Liner Brush