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Spectrum 7 Piece Marbleous Smoke Eye Brush Set



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Spectrum 7 Piece Marbleous Smoke Eye Brush Set is a cool and classy eye makeup brush kit with every brush you need to shade and blend your way to show-stopping marble-lous eye makeup looks.  

Why you need it:
Spectrum Brushes 7 Piece Marbleous Smoke Eye Brush Set is the ultimate eye blending set, with 7 eye makeup brushes. This elegant brush set in rose gold, grey and white will instantly upgrade your makeup bag or vanity table. With their super soft synthetic fibre bristles, this set will have you expertly applying and blending your way to a whole array of eye makeup looks, from dark and dramatic styles to pastel washes and stunning contoured creations!

All Spectrum brushes are vegan registered and cruelty free.

What's included:
B05 - Luxe Blender *NEW*
B06 -Tall Tapered Blender
A07 - Stubby Shader
A12 - Fluffy Pencil
A13 - Short Smudge
A14 - Brow Definer
A15 - Lip Definer