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Spectrum Unicorn Tears Blending Sponge - Lilac



This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

Spectrum Unicorn Tears Blending Sponge - Lilac is an edgeless, latex-free makeup sponge to help you create a flawless complexion. 

Why you need it:
The Spectrum Brushes Unicorn Tears Blending Sponge - Lilac is a latex-free makeup sponge perfect for applying cream, mineral and liquid products to the face. Use the pointed tip to apply foundation or concealer to the hard to reach areas of the face, the rounded end is perfect for applying foundation to the entire face. Moisten the sponge for a flawless application. The cool lilac colour makes it the perfect complement to your Spectrum brushes too!

All Spectrum brushes are vegan registered and cruelty free.