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theBalm Balms Away



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theBalm Balms Away is a solid, gentle eye makeup remover formulated to remove even the most stubborn of makeup.

Why you need it:

Easily remove all traces of your eye makeup without any hassle with theBalm Balms Away eye makeup remover. Formulated with Vitamin A, C, & E, theBalm Balms away delivers a gentle eye makeup remover, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

As theBalm Balms Away is a solid remover, it is travel friendly and spill proof, making it the perfect travelling companion. 

How to:

Apply a small amount of theBalm Balms away onto your closed eyelid. Move the product in circular motions for one minute to allow your makeup to break up (make sure you keep your eye closed). Gently wipe away with cotton wool. 

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