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TIGI Bed Head Blow-Out Shine Cream



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TIGI Bed Head Blow-Out Shine Cream will bring your blow-dry to outrageous new levels of party glam. Tame flyaways and frizz and bring golden glitter and shine to your hair.

Why you need it:
TIGI Bed Head Blow-Out Shine Cream isn't just another blow dry  or shine cream. Blow-Out is infused with gold shimmer particles for the ultimate in night out glamour. But just like your BFF, it has its practical side too. Blow-Out helps to tame flyaways, smoothe frizz, and ease signs of damage leaving you with glossy, shiny hair. 

How to use:
Use 2 pumps on either wet or dry hair.  


The TIGI Bed Head range is created by hairdressers for hairdressers, offering the best products to allow you express your own personal style. TIGI Bed Head warn that you must have a sense of humor to use their products as they may cause the urge to laugh at the product labels, experiment with different looks and a repeated desire to check yourself out in the mirror. In fact the only thing serious about the TIGI Bed Head range is how good their products are and how seriously good they smell. From shampoos & conditioners to every styling product you could ever need TIGI Bed Head have you and your style covered.