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TIGI Umbrella GWP
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Free TIGI Umbrella

Get a free TIGI umbrella when you buy any 2 products from the TIGI Bedhead or Catwalk ranges

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TIGI Umbrella GWP


TIGI Umbrella GWP

TIGI Bed Head Elasticate Shampoo



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TIGI Bed Head Elasticate is a strengthening shampoo created to transform weak hair into healthy, strong tresses.

Why you need it:

Take your hair to the next level with TIGI Bed Head Elasticate Shampoo. Formulated with protein and elastin, TIGI Bed Head Elasticate Shampoo leaves your hair looking and feeling strong, flexible and manageable! Super charge your hair’s strength with TIGI’s breakage resistance shampoo.



Hair Type:

TIGI Bed Head Elasticate is suitable for all hair types