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Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tanning Mousse



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Vita Liberata have introduced the World's first 2-3 week tan! Using a special combination of natural nourishing extracts and the unique pHenO2 technology, Vita Liberata has reinvented self tan. pHenomenal contains all the USPs of their other tanning products, but can last up to 4 times longer:*

• No streaking & No smells.

• 100% free from parabens, perfume and alcohol.

• Easy to apply.

• Unique Pentavitin moisture lock complex.

• 70% organic extracts that are kind to skin and produce a natural fade (eventually!)

The pHenomenal tanning products are perfect for very sensitive skins. Simply choose the tone you prefer, apply to skin and avoid showering for approximately one hour. If you want the colour to be more intense and to last longer, simply reapply!

To extend the life of your colour apply multiple layers of pHenomenal, i.e.:
1 application = approx 7 days
2 applications = approx 10+ days
3 applications = approx 2 - 3 weeks

To apply:
Apply using a tanning mitt. Any unwanted application should be removed immediately as the colour will take to the skin in only a few minutes. Do not moisturise prior to application, except for areas of exceptionally dry skin. You can shower or moisturise one hour after application. Do not apply with bare hands as colour will take to the palms of the hands very quickly and pHenomenal is very long lasting.

*Independently tested via user trials.
Patent Pending