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Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan Ultra Weekly Self-Tan



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Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan Ultra Weekly Self-Tan is the ultimate product for a rich deep tan which moisturises with Argan Oil to smooth and hydrate the skin to ensure a perfectly even tan

Why you need it:
Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan Ultra Weekly Self-Tan gives an instant deep dark colour, which is washed off in just 3 hours and continues to develop for 10 hours. Enriched with Moroccan oil which keeps your skin moisterised whilst tanning, and Optimum complex-30 which contains more DHA to create a deep tan without needing the product on your skin for as long. It lasts for a full five days before starting to fade, ideal for those who don’t have time to top-up their tan more than once a week.


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