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… have we got your attention? Cool. 😏
If you (like the rest of the world) have been worryin’ about the when’s, if’s and how’s you were gonna to be able to shop all ya Cloud 10 Beauty faves with the onset of Brexit.
What You Really Wanna Know – Taxes & Delivery!
Let’s get down to bizzness. All taxes and charges are prepaid / looked after by Cloud 10 for all EU orders – so hold back the tears, there’s no paying extra for your beauty faves! And on that topic, our lightning speed delivery is still as fast as ever with Irish delivery in 1-3 days. When we said we gotchu, we meant it! 😘
The Cloud 10 team have been in WERK mode since last year, pullin’ out allllll the stops to make sure there are no problems for our customers – ‘cause that’s what’s most important, right? As always we offer our crew the same AH-mazing service that they’re used to (cuz we love u!).


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