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Made By Mitchell: Where Colour Meets Creativity! Dive into the vibrant world of makeup artistry crafted by the ingenious Mitchell Halliday @MMMMitchell. The brand is a celebration of innovation, inclusivity, and self-expression. From bold palettes to groundbreaking products like Blursh™, redefining beauty, one daring creation at a time. Join the makeup revolution and elevate your beauty journey with Made by Mitchell!


Changing The Game!

Made by Mitchell's Blursh™ is not just a blush; it's a makeup game-changer. Created by makeup virtuoso @MMMMitchell, this cream blush stands out for its innovative formula, versatile application and universal appeal. Elevate your makeup routine with the transformative power of Blursh™ and see why it's become a must-have for makeup enthusiasts worldwide!

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Meet Mmmmitchell

Mitchell Halliday, aka Mmmmitchell, is known for his dazzling and transformative artistry that captivates global audiences. With distinctive, vibrant looks, he's become an influential figure in the beauty industry. Beyond his stunning artistry, Mitchell's masterclasses serve as an educational platform, empowering makeup enthusiasts worldwide. Mitchell continues to inspire and educate, leaving an enduring impact on the world of beauty with his vivid creativity!