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Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, established in 2001 by the legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, is a heritage beauty brand rooted in a legacy that has significantly impacted the world of cosmetics. Kevyn had a mission - to bring out the true beauty in women everywhere. He was the first of his kind - a makeup artist who was almost as famous as the clients he worked on! Beloved for his kindness and humour as well as his amazing talent, Kevyn believed in beauty that was more than just skin deep and the power of makeup to transform. He pioneered trends like contouring, highlighting and the 3D lip before they went mainstream. For Kevyn Aucoin makeup and brushes, he insisted upon the highest quality ingredients and true innovation. His legacy lives on through Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. Some of the most loved products include the Sensual Skin Enhancer and Sculpting Powder.

The Sensual Skin Enhancer

The Sensual Skin Enhancer is the ultimate multitasker, offering customizable coverage for flawless, radiant skin. It's not just a concealer or foundation; it's both and beyond! Use it to cover imperfections, highlight, contour, or even as an all-over foundation. With tons of shades, there's a perfect match for every skin tone. The Sensual Skin Enhancer is compact, lightweight, and a one-stop solution for all your complexion needs. One pot, endless possibilities.

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How To Use The Neo-Highlighter By Kevyn Aucoin

Discover the transformative power of The Neo-Highlighter by Kevyn Aucoin! Unveil a radiant, multi-dimensional strobed effect that lasts all day with this highly pigmented, three-in-one highlighter. The Neo-Highlighter combines the best-selling Candlelight, Starlight, and Sunlight shades for the ultimate illuminating glow.


The Legend And His Story.

Founded in 2001 by iconic makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, the brand stands as a testament to his transformative artistry. From humble beginnings marked by a passion for makeup at age 11, to gracing Vogue covers and dazzling celebrities like J Lo, Madonna and Naomi Campbell, Aucoin's impact was profound. His belief in inner beauty and makeup as a tool for empowerment fueled his pioneering work in contouring, while his books and mentoring enriched the industry.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty continues his legacy, embracing inclusivity, originality, and education. Offering a bold approach to self-expression, the brand's luxurious textures and extensive shade ranges uphold Aucoin's commitment to innovation. With recognition in top media outlets and a dedication to empowering artists, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty ensures his enduring influence shines on.