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Frank Body is an Aussie skincare brand famous for its coffee-based goodies. The company was founded in 2013 by five friends and their claim to fame is the Original Coffee Scrub. It's a gritty, caffeine-packed scrub that helps buff away dead skin and leave you feeling fresh and smooth. But Frank Body isn't just about coffee scrubs. They've expanded their line to include skincare and haircare! Their quirky, body-positive vibe and cheeky social media presence have won them fans worldwide. Plus, they're all about natural ingredients, cruelty-free testing, and eco-friendly packaging. Frank Body's got the energy to keep your skin feeling lively and your conscience clear.

Coffee Magic: Meet the Iconic Original Scrub

Coffee, Frank Body's star ingredient, works wonders for the skin. Just as it wakes you up on the inside, it works its magic on the outside. Caffeine helps maintain a healthy, clear complexion while balancing pH levels. People all over the globe have experienced #thefrankeffect, watching their skin clear up, stretch marks fade, and their glow return. The best part? You'll notice the difference right away, and it only gets better with each use.

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Coffee Shop Dream

The story began in a coffee shop, where five friends came up with a simple yet brilliant idea: a coffee scrub. Their mission was to cut through the skincare industry's hyperbole and make clean skincare fun! They affectionately named their creation Frank, and ever since, Frank has been making people feel fabulous.