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Own your beauty with this much-loved and totally TikTok trending beauty brand from the USA, who take inspiration in EVERY eye, lip and face and their customer's originality. Affordable, versatile, and always on-trend, e.l.f. makeup has the staples your cosmetics
collection has been missing. e.l.f have products for everyone, including those who are outright maximalists and those who are all about fresh-faced minimalism. The entire line is proud to be 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny Certified. Welcome to elf's beauty-verse, where you can gain instant access to the best of beauty. Your glow up will be oh-so-real. #elfingamazing.


What e.l.f. primer should I use?

Original Poreless Putty Primer - Formulated for normal to dry skin, with Squalane as key ingredient, this helps to keep in the moisture.

Luminous Putty Primer - For those that need hydration. Enriched with vegan collagen to plump up the skin, and hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, this primer works beneath your skin.

Matte Putty Primer - For those with oily skin, to hold that makeup in place ALL day. Enriched with Kaolin Clay and White Charcoal, this absorbs the excess oil in the skin delivering a matte finish.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Power Grip Primer

Discover the strength of Power Grip Primer, and understand why everyone is going wild online for this primer. Make sure your makeup stays on all night long with e.l.f.


e.l.f. respect

e.l.f. combine the best of both worlds: looking fabulous and feeling fantastic. Their formulas are proudly 100% vegan, and they're committed to a strict no animal testing policy. What's more, they've left out all the not-so-great ingredients that you wouldn't want near your skin. So, you can enjoy their products with a completely clear conscience. It's all about that e.l.f. respect – for you, your skin, and the world around us.