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Created in California in 2001, Pureology was born from a powerful idea: create the best professional products for colour-treated hair. Colour care without compromise is the POWER OF PUREOLOGY. The customized, high performance formulas were created while caring for our planet and animals with beauty and integrity in mind. As the pioneer of PROFESSIONAL VEGAN formulas, Pureology strive to make women feel beautiful with good-for-you hair care. *Every formula is made without animal products or by-products. Pureology never tests on animals. All products are also*Sulfate free for a gentle cleanse.

Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray

Say hi to your hair's BFF: Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Conditioner Spray! This vegan, sulphate-free superstar does it all – primes, detangles, and guards your color-treated locks. With Camelina, Coconut, and Olive Oil, it's like a harmony of goodness. Breakage? Not on its watch. This spray's your guardian angel, fending off everyday hair stress. It even seals cuticles for shine and battles frizz and static – talk about a multitasking marvel!

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Pureology Hydrate Range

Dive into the world of ultimate hydration with the Pureology Hydrate Range! Discover the secret to vibrant, luscious locks that are quenched, revitalised, and ready to shine. Join us on a journey to hair that's beautifully replenished and full of life. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to a new level of haircare magic. Experience the transformation with Pureology Hydrate Range!


Pureology: Elevating Color Care

Since 2001, Pureology has revolutionized professional haircare for colored tresses. Their devotion to vibrant color and ethical practices defines them. With vegan, ZEROSULFATE® formulas, they merge beauty with integrity. As pioneers of PROFESSIONAL VEGAN COLOR CARE & ZEROSULFATE®, they're committed to empowering women with haircare that's both nurturing and sustainable.

Pureology's journey centers on ZEROSULFATE® and 100% vegan formulas, upholding values of integrity, sustainability, and purity. Transparent communication showcases their high-performance products that champion color care while respecting the planet.

Innovative ANTIFADE COMPLEX® preserves color brilliance. ZEROSULFATE® formulas cleanse gently, cruelty-free. Concentrated shampoos offer 70+ uses, reflecting efficiency.

Tailored, dual-benefit formulas cater to unique hair needs. Engage your senses with luxurious textures and enchanting fragrances, embarking on a sensory experience guided by nature's finest. Pureology redefines haircare, making every day a great hair day.