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Inglot makeup is all about your creative freedom! The famous Inglot Freedom system lets you curate your own perfect palettes, combining eyeshadows, contour powder, blush and highlighter however you like. The brand's top quality, innovative formulas, affordable prices and amazing range of shades mean you can experiment with vibrant colour cosmetics or craft a perfectly natural look. Discover the secret to your very own magical beauty with Inglot Cosmetics! Shop Inglot’s divine selection of Skin & Eye Palettes, Foundations and Nude Glosses and checkout their iconic must have makeup essentials – their infamous Duraline, the All Covered Foundation, and award winning black Gel Liner!

Duraline - A Makeup Artists Best Kept Secret

Duraline is a waterless clear liquid that can intensify the colour of any powder and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid. Duraline can be used with Lipsticks and AMC Eyeliner Gel to loosen up and intensify the formula. Mix a little bit of Duraline in with your AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadows to bring out vibrancy and prolong your look.

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Meet Inglot: where creativity meets colour in a makeup wonderland!

Founded by the makeup maverick Wojciech Inglot in 1983, this brand is all about bold, boundary-pushing beauty. With a passion for innovation, Inglot's vibrant products are a playground for self-expression. From rich pigments to customizable palettes, they've been turning faces into canvases for over three decades. Get ready to unleash your inner artist – Inglot's here to make your makeup dreams a reality!