5 2021 Beauty Trends You’ve Gotta Try

5 2021 Beauty Trends You’ve Gotta Try

IDK about you but the list of new skills we gained throughout 2020 is pretty extensive! We mastered the art of baking Banana Bread (who didn’t?), became plant parents and spent a whooooole lotta time nailing down our makeup skillz - you know, for when we can go out-out again!

A new year brings with it an entirely new set of makeup trends (and hopefully more excuses to rep said trends) and we’ve rummaged through the lot and gathered together our FAVE 5! You’re gonna need to try these out…



Graphic Liner

Have you been spending your Insta scroll time swoonin’ over the graphic liner trend? Cuz we have! No need to worry Beauts – if grabbing your liner brush and spending the day practicing your wings seemed a little daunting in 2020, you’ve now got a WHOOOOOOLE other year to try out the trend. Whether it’s classic black or some bangin’ neon, we sense some super sharp lines and 60s style flicks in our future.

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Colourful Mascara

Another drool worthy Instagram trend we’re bringin’ with us into the new year – big, bright and bold lashes. Lucky for us, this one’s SUPER easy to achieve by simply baggin’ some fun out-of-your-comfort-zone coloured mascaras (dw - no scary technical abilities needed). If you’ve got half of your face covered… you might as well make a statement with your eyes, right? We’re not mad about it!



Lavender Lids

PSA!! Purple eye makeup is about to have a MAYYJOR moment, Beauts. Although we love a neutral look as much as the next, we feel like now’s about the right time to take a lil’ step out of the box and into the world of colour – you with us? Purple is juuuust the right amount of subtle mixed with vibrant to get us kickstarted and based on the amount of violet toned eye makeup looks popping up on our feeds recently, it’s gonna be HUGE! Get on it!

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90s Liner

Never thought you’d see the day where you’d revert to rockin’ your FAVE makeup trends from your school years? Us neither (smh)… let’s be real though, it’s kind of a vibe! Next time you’re headed to pick up your liner, try out a 90s style tightline lewk. This blast from the past is givin’ us all the feels.

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Dolphin Skin

Glossy, dewy, reflective, bare-faced goodness!! We’ll not lie… we had no idea it was called Dolphin Skin at the start but makes sense, right? It’s a pretty simple, no-makeup makeup look making use of all of your fave glow products to give you that lit-from-within look. Grab your cream highlighters, pearlescent primers and facial mists – this trend is gonna have you gleamin’ to the moon and back!

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