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Did you knoooow… 
84% of Irish consumers’ online spending leaves the country? C.R.A.Z.Y, right?
BUT WAIT… there’s more! In 2018, the Irish Times reported that us Irish spent €2.7 billion at foreign-owned websites… AND we’re among the biggest online shoppers in the world.!
Feelin’ spendy... but face palm…
Hold up though, we’ve gotta solution!
The Google search term 'shop local Dublin' has seen a MASSIVE jump by 470% in the past two weeks, while “shop local Ireland” increased by 540%, and “buy Irish gifts” searches increased by 200%... O.M.G - look at those stats!
Are you pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down? Irish people are being their FAB selves and actively searching for ways to support Irish businesses in the lead up to the festive season.
With Cloud 10 HQ being tucked away in lil’ old Monaghan, we’re here to remind you to throw the L.O.V.E. around like confetti this year. Let’s be real, there are SO many local & Irish born sites that need our support this month… and every month. If we could keep as little as 10% of our online spend this year at home it would inject tens of millions of euro into our local economies, saving jobs and keeping businesses going during the craziest year of all – how AH-mazing?


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