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You know what they say... 'tis the season for online shopping (they is us btw!), so it's time to move on from your weekly horoscope and see what kinda shopper you are based on your zodiac sign. Panic purchaser, bargain qweeen or bougee spender? Let's find out how things are gonna go down!
- Sensible shopper alert!
- Credit card on lockdown 'til you see somethin' you NEED.
- You'll drop the $ on the things that will last a lifetime.
- New Product? Sold!
- Obsessing over the hottest indie brands - you're no trend follower.
- Aquarius Beauts are always on the lookout for somethin' a lil' different.
- Did someone say bargain hunter?
- You've got an eye for the quirky thangs.
- Self-care QWEEEEN! Your wishlist consists of face masks and bath bombs!
- Shopping. Spree. Ready
- Impulsive shopper and proud.
- Favourite form of exercise? Sale shopping girl!
- Taurus Beauts have an eye for the fina thangs!
- Always down to treat yo'self.
- Fierce fragrances & luxe skin treats are your vices.
- The PERF shopping partner.
- 10 different tabs open at once... plus the other 5 on your phone.
- You a magpie girl. All the shiny things pls!
- New Products? No thnx.
- 'If it's not broke, don't fix it!' is your makeup and skincare mantra.
- You still purchase the same scent you wore to your birthday 6 years ago cuz of the mems.
- Cards at the ready! Leo's here!
- Red lip, winged liner, pigments... *adds to cart*. You're always looking for a statement product.
- You'd prefer to shop with an entourage. *hair flip*
- Quality control police! Virgo Beauts have a critical eye for their purchases.
- Will spend an hour choosing the perfect shade of red lipstick... cuz duh!
- You study the ingredients list of the cleanser before you add to cart.
- Window shopping is your fave!
- You'll fill your cart and spend 2 hours debating whether you'll actually buy it (don't @ me!).
- Buyers remorse? You know it too well!
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- No one: .... Scorpio Beaut: 'I see it. I like it. I want it. I buy it.'
- You do your shopping on the DL (ie. online... alone... with a glass of bubbles).
- Rarely *really* regrets a purchase.
- Sale ending in 5 minutes? No probz bbz! Last minute shopping is your forte!
- Ready with the honest opinions of that palette that your friend doesn't need.
- Speed shopper extraordinaire - you're on FIYAAHH!


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